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of that responsiblity -- falls on the shoulders of san jose university police. officers says they are doing all they can to keep the campus safe. the department deploys patrols of four officers ... provides escort services and plans to hold self-defense training for female students and staff. nevertheless -- sargent laws advises students to be alert. "this is not the kind of thing that you can really prepare for other than ust make sure you're aware of your surroudings. that if some one were to approach you in a dangerous manner that you're aware of it and ready for it."" the next defense training course is on september 22nd and is free to all s-j-s-u students. tuesday marked the 11-year anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. fire station 'one' in downtown san jose observed a moment of silence at 6:59 am -- the moment the first tower collapsed in new york. firefighters rang a memorial bell in rememberance of the fallen fire fighters and victims of 9-11. ">>>it's really just a day to refelct on the loss of life that day by our brother and sister firefighters in new york and al lthe victims
, this candle. >> reporter: about 75 people gathered outside the regional medical center in san jose, for frank ryan, who collapsed while fighting a fire at st. cathedral. he suffered a heart attack coming out of the burning building. >> this is the least we can do to show our love and support and honor to the men and women who put their lives on the line. what can you say? they put their lives on the line for us, lord protect them, make sure they make it home safely like i make it home safely. >> reporter: firefighters have been there around the clock. >> some of the firefighters who adore him, refuse to leave. actually, the first couple of nights they slept on the floors. we realized they were doing that. we got them cots and pillows, so they sleep here overnight, just waiting for word that if there is change, hopefully that it will be very good news. >> putting their life on the line every single day. >> reporter: san jose firefighters say the moment was personal, and many that could ran to his aid after he collapsed. they say because of the accumulated stress, heart conditions and heart att
been killed. >> he will be arraigned on monday. >>> a san jose woman already facing real estate fraud charges has been arrested again. 53-year-old maivu of san jose was arraigned today on felony charges, including elder theft and grand theft. she's also awaiting trial in a series of scams. she is currently being held in lieu of $10 million bail. >>> search and rescue crews resume their search for missing polytechnic state university student brett michael olson. family and friends distributed flyers. the butte county sheriff's department said that the search is focused on the water with the help of helicopters, foot patrols and water dogs. >>> the san jose police department is about to disband a unit that last year-rounded up 5,000 youngsters who were ditching class. new at 6, ktvu's robert is live in san jose to tell us how police plan to deal with truancy. >> reporter: we are at one of the centers in san jose where the police truancy programs operate. but in about a week, the centers and their officers will no longer be in service. the san jose police department is disbanding the uni
are the chances of landing a job? ....i'll have a live report more cuts are on the horizon for san jose state, we'll tell you how this affects the schools largest department. and months before the election, not everyone is looking to have their voices heard. we'll show you the who and why. update news starts now. hello and welcome to update news... im bentli bejan. and i'm lexy nuno... thanks for joining us. san jose state students who are feeling the effects of massive budget cuts this semester will be hit by even more in the spring. the university administration has announced 250 more sections will be eliminated next semester ... even if a tax measure that would help fund state universities passes on election day. students need to be planning now, and not wait for the end of the year to get their schedules prepared. this week ... the number of people applying for unemployment benefits nationally dropped to the lowest point since july. the u-s labor department says jobless claims decreased by 26-thousand nationally. the turnaround in claims may be a good sign for san jose state students looking
between san jose and san francisco last month several people had to jump out of the way of won nearly avoiding been hit. it happened in south san francisco passengers getting off a northbound train crossing the southbound track to get to parking lot when a southbound baby bled zoomed down the track at 76 mi. per hour forcing them to scramble out of the way >>> not acceptable >>> they should not be forced to jump in front of them >>> the engineer hit the emergency brake it did not pass stop until it passed through the station the engineer running the train tested positive for marijuana both engineers on leave. >>> the in it investigation ongoing will determine not only what caused the incident but will look at the extenuating circumstances >>> the south san francisco station one of caltrans oldest it does not have a gate for crossing arms to prevent passengers from crossing act of tracks. engineers use to use ready or have light signals to make sure the station was clear that did not happen that day new rules make it mandatory >>> where soils are for the passengers that clear the track
's retiring early. moore served as chief for just about two years and has had criticism for san jose's rising crime rate. we have several angles covered, including how the fiscal problems may have played a role. chris is at headquarters for us. hi, chris. >> reporter: hi, diane. when chris moore was approved as police chief in san joerse, it s a unanimous decision. 18 months later as he calls it quits is far shorter than an average police chief and far shorter than what the city council was hoping for. police chief chris moore will retire in january from a department he's been with for more than 27 years. >> it's a long time in law enforcement and it's the right time in our business. if i think about all the factors that led into us, clearly our scenario and what we're facing had something to do with it, i'm not kidding you. i've been disappointed that we weren't able to get some things done through negotiation that i think perhaps, you know, i wish we had. >> reporter: the chief said laying off officers was one of the hardest things he's ever had to do, but he's proud of how he handled it, a
>> a fire chases a dozen people out of their homes in san jose. >> from the weather center, good morning everybody. an impending heat wave >> it is already a pretty slow drive on westbound 580 through livermore because of a couple of early morning fender benders. the full look coming up >> good morning everyone. >> today marks 11 years since the terrorist attacks that september 11, 2001 >> we got a live look at the site of the fallen twin towers. 15 minutes ago a moment of silence was held at the exact time that the first airplane struck the north tower. a new world trade center is still being built. >> this is a live look right now at the pentagon which was heavily damaged by one of the hijack airplanes. more than 100 people died, there are actually 100 president obama will attend a ceremony later today >> we have to live reports for you today. melissa, but first, susan mcginnis live at the pentagon with the very latest >> good morning, the president and the first lady are at the pentagon taking part in a ceremony there, one of many memorial service is happening around the country as am
... two of the assaults involved students and occurred during the day... san jose is a campus of 30-thousand students, one of those students says she wished she knew earlier about the available safety resources. ">>>nguyen: i wasn't aware that they were even available on-campus, so i kind of waited til like... normal hours, 'cause it happened at one in the morning" senior hospitality major, sophia nguyen (new-yen) was assaulted in an on-campus elevator last year. she waited until the morning to contact university police.. ... and due to the delay, the suspect was never caught. nguyen: i'm aware that they're there now, just in case i ever need anything." it's a useful resource to use and to know you have." u university police department says campus' prime location presents more opportunity for crime. belcastro: we are an open campus... we're in the heart of downtown san jose..." university police captain frank belcastro, says the campus is relatively safe, but the surrounding area raises concern. he says most on-campus crimes are committed by non-students. university police provide a
change coming to the san jose police department. chief chris moore announced he plans to retire, stepping down as city cope was a recent spike in violent crime. there is where the chief admits he's frustrated. >> that is right. chief moore did al you'd tomorrow challenges facing his department. and admitted he'd be on the job longer. >> this is a good day. >> san jose police chief told reporters that this decision to step down next year was his alone. after 30 years in law enforcement, 27 in san jose. >> this is my decision. i said up front. i was not forced night. there is a lot of factors into play when you decide to retire. >> and he aj acknowledged one factor, difficult times facing his force. >> and there is a difficult two years. this is when i think individuals come to the decision them seeflz there is an larming increase in violent crime. and measure b passed in june to contain public employee pensions headed to court. the city council voted against putting a half cent sales tax on the november ballot z that would have increased funding for services. and the democrat of officers h
. the cause and origin of that fire are still under investigation. we're live in san jose. nbc bay area news. >>> tense moments on the peninsula today. a construction crew ruptured a gas line. pg & e worked to stop the leak. several areas had to be evacuated. as of right now, the gas line has been capped, but repairs are still underway. no reports of injuries. >>> a fight is looming from the santa clara water district. they'll sue to get the district's tax measure booted off the november ballot. with measure b, the district is asking south bay voters to continue paying a yearly partial tax of $54 per household. the district says it's needed for flood control and dam upgrades. but there's a hitch. the measure was two words too long for the ballot so the board called an urgent meeting to fix it. the taxpayers claims that hasty meeting violated the state's sunshine law because they failed to post the agenda on the website more than 24 hours ahead of time. so a clerical error might jeopardize a $548 million partial tax measure. >>> we want to update you on the pleasantton woman. trying to identi
there will be doing public meetings in san jose to address the city's increased violent crime. this as the police chief says that he is stepping down in a few months. lisa washington is in san jose with more on the crime data and how city leaders are now responding. >> san jose has had 33 homicides so far this year and that number is on pace to surpass last year's high of 39 homicides. that was a 15 year high for the city. both city leaders and the police officers association want to reduce crime but they're going about it in different ways. >> to meetings, two different perspectives, san jose city leaders and the city's police officers association agree that something has to be done to curb crime in the city. but they're using different methods. >> we have asked a series of questions, we want to make sure that we have the right numbers, you need to start from the right assumptions. >> in a study session san jose city council will review crime numbers like 33 homicides so far this year and an increase of nearly 40 seconds in response times to violent crimes. at the same time the police officers a
in san jose and still warm in livermore. will we warm up before the end of summer? we will talk about that in a minute. >> we're going to go quickly out towards the mobile 5 ac transit camera because it looks like they're just getting off the upper deck of the bay bridge. we have watched them go all across the upper deck and it looks like they're getting off on the fremont street exit. hopefully we will have to time it to show you a quick look at that coming up. westbound interstate 80 we're getting word of a stalled big rig by pinole valley road. we also have an accident clear to the right shoulder westbound interstate 80 somewhere in hercules. that is once again involving five cars all to the right-hand shoulder. once you head towards berkeley, this is what it looks like, no brake lights down towards emeryville. let's show you a quick live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the middle fast- track plans look good but cash plans are backed up. >> al qaeda north africa branches calling for more attacks on american diplomats to protest an anti is long video that was made in the u.s
his altitude. >>> the search is on for a new police chief in san jose after a surprise retirement announcement from current chief chris moore. concern for the san jose rising crime rate takes center stage at two meetings tonight from two parties with two messages. chris moore's decision to retire now, barely two years into his four-year contract, could not come at a worse time. according to the city council member pete constant. >> we are going to spend the number of months searching for a chief of police. those are months we should search for solutions. >> problems like a spike in crime on the streets in san jose and the police department struggles with resources. he was forced to layoff police officers to deal with the $90 million budget deficit. that is part of the reason why he is leaving after 27 years. >> 30 years is a long time in any business. in law enforcement, that is the right time. if i think of all of the factors that led into it, clearly our scenario had something to do with it. >> tonight, the city council will review the meeting to the recent response to crimes. t
southern san jose -- thousands of people have no electricity right now. around 5:30 this morning, a car hit a power pole on san jose avenue and amaden expressway and then fled the scene. we just talked to pg&e. they say they don't know when the power will be restored to all of those folks. we'll keep you posted. >>> also new this morning, another problem at the scene of an early-morning fire in san jose. it happened hours ago. the fire was reported just before 3:00 on villa monterey. lorraine blanco is out there now. what's the new information about a water break? what's going on? >> reporter: yeah, dave, there is a water main break on the other side of this apartment complex in the parking lot. you can see a water company crew right now on scene. there is another crew on the way to repair that break. as for the fire, you can see the charred remains of that second story apartment. in all, three units are unlivable. last update, the red cross will be helping residents with shelter and food. the firefighters say the right second unit was fully engulfed just before 3:00 a.m. crews called a sec
in the past 15 to 30 minutes south of downtown san jose. you know who you are if you hear that outside just to the north here of robertsville, also over highway 87. this will be moving into downtown san jose over the next 15 to 30 minutes. if you're near the lightning strikes again, best advice is to stay indoors. lightning is one of the leading killers when it comes to weather. back here across the valley, some moderate rain across 280 and also highway 101 and some heavier rainier dylan beach that will impact santa rosa tonight. you can see the nature of what we're dealing with scattered in nature, and here's the risk of severe weather. all the areas in green are under the threat of some severe weather as we continue through tonight. we will track it for you coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> thanks, jeff. >>> still to come on this special edition of "bay area news" at 4:00, one of the most popular video game gets a facelift. >>> with the pressure on, zinga launches farmville part 2. coming up an exclusive behind the scenes look how the game was made. >>> the nfl kicks off the season
of officer and saturation in known gang territory. a double shooting near san jose state university. this happened just before 3:00 this morning on 3rd and san salvador street. police say two were shot in the leg. both are expected to recover. police are looking for the suspects that ran from the scene. >>> two families are homeless after a fast-moving fire in concord. when firefighters arrived at margo drive at 2:00 this morning, one house was fully engulfed in flames and the blaze spread to the house next door. they say budget cuts delayed their arrival time. >> they got a head start on us. the house was fully involved when they arrived here. two of them fully involved. we were flowing 2,000 glalens a minute when we arrived here and we did a good job maintaining it to those two structures. >> reporter: the red cross is helping with houses and necessities while investigators determine the cause of the fire. >>> saturday's services just wrapped up for a san jose congregation whose church was nearly gutted by fire. the building was so badly damaged that church leaders have not have t
routes, whether to ai jay september corridors such as the laguna san jose corridor, across town to state route 1, 9th and 10th. pulling this out, this is difficult especially given on a citywide basis we have experienced economic growth, population growth, which has obscured some of that impact. one of the key topics was to inform our countywide planning because so much of local and regional network touches this part of the city. the policy framework was three parts: improve circulation, focus on strategis that will shift travel alreadis to transit and nonmotorized, improve walkability where local trips are dominated by pedestrian, bicyclists and transit riders. under this rubric the city developed a strategy that looks at streets not only in isolation but understood they function as network and collection serving similar travel demands need to be developed as multimodal corridors with some streets playing important roles for surface-running transit; others playing a key role for the dwpment of the bicycle network such as that as we afford with street level we are thinking wholelysing ti
:30 this evening. >>> in san jose now, what started as a report of a home burglary turned into a complicated mess. it locked down two schools and tied up nearly half of san jose's on duty police officers. the drama ended near clayton road in east san jose, with the getaway car slamming into a house. police chased that car from the burglary scene three miles away. now, apparently the driver was alone. additional officers who arrived at the burglarized home were surprised to find three accomplices still inside. >> they fled and started jumping fences. two of the suspects we believe ran down a nearby street and carjacked a vehicle from a young lady and fled. those two are still at large. >> police arrested the driver of the car and at the burglary scene they captured a second suspect. >>> the search tied up nearly half the police force, a stark example of the staff crunch playing out across the city. especially on the streets of a south bay neighborhood where ladies of the night are extending their office hours working more in the daylight, and right in view of the children walking to and from schoo
since 1992. >>> nbc bay area has more from the h.p. pavillion in san jose with what this could mean for businesses that depend on the sharks. arturo? >> reporter: training camp was supposed to start on the 21st of this month. opening day was supposed to be october 11. now it seems that schedule is in jeopardy of being disrupted. it's creating a lot of an excite among employees and vendors here at h.p. pavillion who work during the hockey season. and it's just as frustrating for busy in downtown san jose. -- businesses in downtown san jose. while players and owners play their big-money game of chicken, those who depend on an nhl season are already flinching. >> wondering how we're going to make rent. wondering how we're going to pay our bills. it's been a slow season for us already, and we're struggling to get shifts. >> reporter: during a typical hockey season, especially game nights, downtown san jose turns into a boomtown. >> that's when we get most of our business. it's packed in here four deep through the barment like all of us are going crazy the whole time. >> talking about ni
" with brian williams in about 25 minutes. >>> san jose's top cop son his way out. and tonight the mayor is going on record about what he thinks about chief chris moore's decision, and its possible impact on the city. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is live at the san jose city hall with more on this. chris? >> reporter: well, janelle, chief chris moore acknowledges there has been a 25% increase in violence and property crimes over last year, and that response times are up. now he at a public safety meeting here tonight at san jose city public hall will say the problem is resources. however, the union and several councilmembers say the problem is politics. nine people were killed in san jose in august, a violent spike that put san jose police chief chris moore on the hot seat. the san jose council asked him to come up with a strategy to ask him to address the surge in violence. the chief got overtime funding restored and reached out to communities with known gang issues. tonight one day after announcing his retirement, the chief will report to council whether or not it worked. >> the chief r
. >> city leaders cannot seem to agree on what is causing this year's rising crime in san jose. last night the city council held a steady session while the police officers association hosted a community gathering. the union says budget cuts have left them understaffed >> this is not a political meeting at all, it is a crime prevention workshop. there has been a significant increase in crime >> the long-term trend is down so san jose remains one of the safest big cities in the country >> there were eight homicides in august but there have not been any in nearly four weeks >> police hope surveillance images will help track down a burglar. this break-in was on line street last month and it shows the man ringing the doorbell before finally entering the home through an unlocked door in the back of the house. if you know to this person is police would like to hear from you. and students cello goes missing from the san francisco conservatory of music but the thieves did not make a clean getaway. the instrument was taken on sunday afternoon. the father of the student posted these pictures on line
and san jose. most of that is gone. patchy fog on the marin coast. mostly sunny today. 60s and 70s and 80s. here is tara. >>> thanks. this is a look at 280. traffic is move along fairly nicely. and up next we have a look at 880 near the oakland coliseum. same story. a lot of folks on the roadways. so far we don't have any major delays. let's head back to the desk. >>> there is an all out search for a south san francisco father that police say kidnapped his own children, stole a boat, and then took off. ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong joins us now in south san francisco with what we are learning about the abduction. claudine. >> reporter: we are trying to replace the -- retrace the steps of the father what he did before leading up to the abduction of his two young children. we are now in south san francisco. this is the neighborhood where the two children live with their mother. this is where they were taken on tuesday afternoon. i want to show you a picture of the children two-year-old devin and sister three-year-old brooklyn. i talked to their mom this morning. their grandmother was
seeing some rain over san jose. that has since subsided. but the central valley still seeing thunderstorm activity with plenty of lightning. that's the white here on your screen. it looks like at least a dozen strikes in the past 30 minutes. down into san jose again, a few light showers right now as the thunderstorm pattern continues to push through. the remnants of tropical cyclone john. it's going to continue into tomorrow. >>> in case you missed the sunset this evening, here's a look at some video, as well as some of your photographs sent into kron4ke a look at the rainbow over san francisco. this bright pink sky was seen throughout the bay area this evening. you can find additional pictures on our facebook fan page. coming up, not one but 2%s take the stage at the -- presidents take the stage at the democratic national convention. >> giants in arizona doing battle, football season is here, and the a's game had a scary moment. iiç >>> former alameda county supervisor nadia lockier is being charged with drug possession and child abuse. police found her with methamphetamine in an orange
jose almaden expressway at san jose avenue car vs. pole, power outages in the area. >>> 6:02. >>> happening right now in new york city, a memorial service to mark the 11th anniversary of september 11th, now taking place. live picture from ground zero. >> families of the victims reading the names of those lost. no government officials involved here. moment of silence at 6:03 the exact moment united airlines flight -- [ inaudible ] >> that is the moment of silence ground zero the memorial plaza. they will resume reading the names of victims shortly. you may hear bells churches in new york have been asked to ring their bells at each of these six moments of silence today. they are now reading the names. [ inaudible ] >> 3,000 lies lost there on that site. -- 3,000 lives lost there on that site. >>> in san jose two people injured after an overnight fire at an apartment complex. terry mcsweeney has been there joining us live with details. >> reporter: firefighters still on the scene this fire is out the aftermath has 12 people out of their apartments, looking for a place to stay
away when that attack happened. >>> a san jose neighborhood is struggling to cope with the aftermath of a deadly accident. an 8-year-old boy was killed last night when he rode his bike out of a driveway and into the path of an oncoming truck. today friends, neighbors bs and even stray jers garth thered to write sympathy and support at a growing memorial. >> somebody's kid, somebody's little brother, that's really sad. if it happened to my brother, thank god it didn't happen to him, i would be destroyed. honestly. i would probably do anything to bring my brother back, you know? >> the accident happened near the intersection of farm drive and decon court. the boy was rushed to the hospital but he was pronounced dead there. police say the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and cooperated fully with the investigation. they do add that this is a tragic reminder of the importance of driving slower than the speed limit in areas that are dark and densely populated. >>> also in san jose, a wake-up call this morning. a car crashes into a house even before dawn and n. east s
. olson has been telling his family that he wanted to walk to san jose to visit his grandparents. the san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack on the job is back at home today. 41-year-old frank ryan was released from regional medical center yesterday. he suffered a heart attack late last month while fighting a fire at a downtown church. fellow firefighters visited ryan in shifts while he was in the icu. they also raised money fly ryan's family members to san jose. >>> mortgage rates in the united states have once again hit record lows. the mortgage buying company freddie mac says that the average rate on a 30-year fixed home loan is now 3.49%. that's down from 3.55% last week. and the average 15-year fix is at a record low of 2.77 down from 2.8 last week. now, those low mortgage rates make it very tempting to consider buying a home but many bay area residents still wonder, is it better to own or rent? ktvu's ann rubin joins us from san jose with some practical advice on. this good afternoon, ann >> reporter: good afternoon. according to a new study, it's actually cheaper right no
from all over san jose have been taking shifts here to be a support to each other and to ryan's family. some are sleeping overnight on cots. ryan's brothers and sisters flew in from southern california and other parts of the country to be by his side. ryan collapsed on the ground and went into cardiac arrest after fighting a fire last thursday at st. patrick's church in downtown san jose. >> we don't want to leave. he shows improvements. we want to be there for that. we don't want frank to be alone and he's not. he won't be. we are going to stay here until the end. >> reporter: ryan is a 16 year veteran of the fire department. he is 41 years old and did not have a prior heart condition. one of the leading charges of death are cardiac arrest due top stress of the job. right now only ryan's family has been able to see him. his siblings will talk to a doctor to decide what is the next step is for ryan. as far as his treatment goes. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega. >> thank you. >>> parts of louisiana remain under feet of water today in the wake of hurricane isaac. residents
not meet today. damage will most likely be canceled san jose now without its most prominent sports team don knapp shows us how live without the sharks could be big trouble for local business. >>> dinner hour warms up at henry's highlife but nothing like when the sharks are planned at h-p pavilion >>> taxicabs and hotels and bars and restaurants a huge moneymaker for san jose having the sharks their >>> tonight that huge moneymaker on hold the sharks are locked out after owners and players failed to reach a contract during this fan says owners and players cannot think about everyone else >>> people up and down the st. and get into the game they lose out that business those are the kinds of things these millionaires and billionaires don't think >>> it brings revenue to all the people in the area the sharks are bed that stadium was packed when we go >>> chart 10: 17,000 fans many come downtown early and stay late to visit local restaurants and bars >>> 41 home games and for going the sharks at more during the playoffs it makes all season different you have businesses that staff can search extr
are wondering is this recent move all related to the recent spikes of violence in san jose? >> reporter: no, it's not. not according to the santa clara county sheriff's office. they say it's not related. it's just coincidental. this gang sweep they conducted this morning is something they try to do on a regular basis in their attempt to combat this problem that's been bothering san jose for quite some time now. an early morning knock on the door from law enforcement trying to arrest a known gang member in violation of the terms of his probation. he's not home as it turns out but deputies find and arrest a woman they say was in possession of drugs and they believe affiliated with gangs and one small dent into the massive problems of gangs on the street of the south bay. >> we're competing with the gangs and we need to show a force just like they would. >> reporter: three teams com priced of the gang unit and probation department performed gang sweeps this morning arresting those known to be in violation of their parole and checking on others to make sure they weren't in violation and something t
. across town earlier this morning, san jose firefighters pay tribute to the victims of september 11th. >> at this moment, i would ask that we have a moment of silence for those who lost families and friends in the 9/11 attacks and remember those members active and retired that we've lost this year. >> reporter: at exactly 6:59 this morning, the time the first tower fell, fire chief william mcdonald's, who you heard over the two-way, delivered a message so that 33 stations could listen and take a moment of silence and then a memorial -- then a memorial bell was rung. katherine gutierrez. >> every single day that we put on our uniform, we know we're coming to work with the chance that we might not come home again. >> we're very thoughtful on that day, the fact that so many people lost their lives. >> reporter: and the memorial ceremony continues today. about 6:00, about a hundred people are expected to gather here at this 9/11 memorial. they will have another prayer service this evening, where any will listen to several speakers reflect on the event -- reflect on the e-- reflects on the
, some more bay area headlines on this wednesday, san jose firefighter frank ryan out of a drug induced coma and speaking of visitors. last week he suffered a heart attack while working on a fire at samst. patrick's cathedral. he will remain in intensive care for at least a couple more days to read searching for a missing bay area teenager continues. congresswoman visited the sierra lamar research center. the 15 year-old was reported missing six months ago and last seen leaving her morgan hill home to go to school. 21 year-old anthony garcia has been arrested in connection to her disappearance. >> we may see some thunderstorms in the bay area and lawrence has been tracking that system all morning long. what is it looking like? >> still lightning activity out there, thunderstorms popping up outside, that sub tropical moisture sliding through. on the radar you can see numerous lightning strikes especially in southern parts of the bay area. still seeing scattered showers around the bay area and along the peninsula. some of that activity there but also some of that activity continues in the
>>> a special crime strategy session just wrapped up in san jose. the city council, mayor, and the police department discussed solutions to curb the recent spike in homicides and property crimes in san jose. reggie kumar has the latest. >> reporter: the bottom line is san jose's budget problems are making it extremely difficult to fight crime in this city. >> reporter: the city's homicide rate for 2012 is already at 33 this year. it's on track to surpass last year's total of 39. property crimes such as burglaries, larceny, and vehicle thefts are up 29%. but the outgoing chief says the violent crime rate, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault, decreased by 15%. the city says it has increased the size of the police department by 47% but had to cut 20% in staffing. chuck reed says the short-term solution to address the recent spike in homicides is to allow more overtime for officers but insists that's only a temporary fix. other prevention measures include using community and reserve officers, and he strongly encouraged residents to pass measure b, pension reform. residents h
analysis we conducted may seem a little remote from study area but on the expressway segment of san jose, which connects this part to the 280 freeway. this cuts right in front the bernal heights and glen park -- >> bernal cut? >> precisely. >> which was way back in history cut out for railroad line and eventually thought the feeder to mission freeway which fortunately was constructed. the objective in this part on a long-range basis have been anticipated by the glen park area plan but also desires and opportunities among community and city agencies to improve conditions in the nearer term. specifically focusing on the northbound segment, three lanes of traffic and very substandard bike lane at the curb. >> actually a gutter. >> yes. >> it's got paint. >> you can see a little in this picture. generally say you want to build a five-foot bike lane, the practice would be that five feet does not include that portion. it is nearly half of the right-of-way of that lane. >> it is my route. >> you are family -- familiar with it. >> i'm curious. >> this is something that took me a little time to
college de san jose hoy aprendieron como combatir agresores dentro de sus aulas.. take 2 box ---angel ayllon nos dice de que se trata.... angel buenas tardes... take pkg ;01 ;17 ;37 1;15 1;49 trt 2;12 angel intro la pregunta del dia de hoy es esta usted capacitado o esta usted preparado para enfrentar un tiroteo donde trabaja o donde estudia. bueno la ciudad de san jose esta tratando de ensenar este tipo de actividades y hoy trajimos algo muy particular... como reaccionaria ud ante esta situacion... explosion esa misma preocupacin mantiene en vilo a las autoridades de san jos, quienes mediante simulacros trabajan incesantemente en aulas escolares para enseÑar a docentes y trabajadores a salvar sus vidas en caso de un confronta miento violento. 12.14 gilberto torres policia de san jose personas que lleguen a una escuela con armas, vamoa a dar los consejos para sobrevivir si llega a pasar algo asi sin temor a ocultar el aumento de violencia en las diferentes ciudades de la baha, grupos elites policiacos y voluntarios dieron esta demostracin hoy en city college, a estudiantes y personal
this morning. >>> so my sister and i live in the tax plan all over the at bay area said. san jose fire probable ave of memorial at 69th advisers station one. i'll get 9:00 this morning and repeated at 6:00 tonight. at 945 this morning there will be a ballerina ceremony at fire station one on about a street in pleasanton. >>> similar is also plans a day in new york region and in pennsylvania. susan macmanus has a more professional a minute is pausing today to remember the victims of the 911 terrorist attacks. a large american flag was unfurled over the pentagon this morning. in new york families of the 11 victims will allow the names of their loved ones. in >>> pennsylvania hall linarias of the full names of victims of what 93. there's good news of washington for first responders. his last-minute deal means to keep peace and an abiding love and moral is back on track. and at 11 foundation and states of new york and new jersey it reached an agreement monday night or allow construction to resume on the night 11 museum. the museum is necessary to tell a whole story about what a place 11 years ago t
announcement, the san jose police chief is calling it quits grief chief chris more announce today he is retiring. j.r stone is joining us live from san jose with the new its details. >> he has been in this fog for almost two years. he says there are two reasons behind this, his family life and he says that things have changed internally with the city. he made his announcement here at the san jose police department around 2:00 p.m.. he has truly dealt with a tough times in san jose. the city is in the midst of pension reform and pay cuts among officers. since july of last year, the city of san jose has lost 170 officers to retirement, resignations and the layoffs. there has been public talk of a dispirited and overworked department. violent crimes of our crimes have surged. more talk about his time in charge and difficult times in san jose furious >> i came here to beat a san jose police officer. i could have gone a lot of places. i could not be happier that it was here and i was chief here. it is a difficult times and unfortunately i think we will find ourselves in litigation serio
galaxy you will be released in january. this is the biggest move since the fed record in san jose will against-- ruled against samsung. >> apple stock is up and the new phone is not even out yet. the stock is up over $700 pit >> they will have followed a stream and the new pass book application as well. >> to suspects to be dealt a giants fan outside of a game have their day in court. we will be right back. >>james: radiation concerns on treasure island's. there at our training sites there. residents want to know why the navy did not inform them of the danger. real-estate officials are calling for a new study. >> what is important to tell the people that live here is that it is safe to live here. a big concern about future developments is about where people are going to live and doing new things. >> we will break down the specific areas on treasure island the were identified to have elevated radiation. the largest areas are along the north west and east corners of the island. on the west side is housing and on the east side is a waste water treatment. the real concern is that
but he didn't. >> san jose mayor chuck reed says police chief chris morris' decision to resign after only two years on the job does not come as a surprise. >> one thing we agree upon is our police force is too small. >> san jose will be the focus of two meetings this evening, one at city hall. >>pam: the big change is coming to the golden gate and how it will affect drivers and workers. no. one week after it started, one of the biggest teacher strikes in the country appears to be close to being over. >> we have the latest version of the world's most advanced operating system. >> it has over 200 new features. growing out your hair can mean split ends, which i don't like. so pantene dared me. skip a trim. pantene beautiful lengths. the pro-v keratin protection system, helps prevent breakage and repairs split ends and the program donates $1,000,000 to help woman fighting cancer. so getting longer stronger hair also means i care, that i like! beautiful lengths from pantene. hair so healthy it shines. >>pam: on the golden gate bridge, all electronic tolling. the district says it is
have a major effect right here in the bay area. let's head right to san jose where tomas ramon is live right now with the latest on this developing story. >> reporter: the average attendance at sharks home games is more than 17,000 fans, that is how many customers san jose businesses won't see if this lockout cancels any games. >> over to the national hockey league lockout spread quickly. wasn't good news. adam manages the place. >> it's such a huge percentage of our finances downtown. >> and manager of brewing company and she hired 7 more employees she expected when the sharks begin playing. >> they are going to have to hold on and wait it out just like everybody else. it's going to hurt everybody. >> reporter: but for how long? this is fourth stoppage since 1992. they hope it doesn't last as long as it did in 2004. it the first time a stanley cup wasn't awarded in 93 years. >> it looks similar to 2004 but the fans' hopes is it not going to be same way. >> they say a long walkout could be disastrous to his restaurant? >> we are looking at over 60%, at least 60%. >> the specter of a wa
. >> the lockout could have a major effect right here in the bay area. let's head right to san jose where tomas ramon is live right now with the latest on this developing story. >> reporter: the average attendance at sharks home games is more than 17,000 fans, that is how many customers san jose businesses won't see if this lockout cancels any games. >> over to the national hockey league lockout spread quickly. wasn't good news. adam manages the place. >> it's such a huge percentage of our finances downtown. >> and manager of brewing company and she hired 7 more employees she expected when the sharks begin playing. >> they are going to have to hold on and wait it out just like everybody else. it's going to hurt everybody. >> reporter: but for how long? this is fourth stoppage since 1992. they hope it doesn't last as long as it did in 2004. it the first time a stanley cup wasn't awarded in 93 years. >> it looks similar to 2004 but the fans' hopes is it not going to be same way. >> they say a long walkout could be disastrous to his restaurant? >> we are looking at over 60%, at least 60%. >> the s
have new video to show you. a rescue happened in san jose. we are told a man fell off a roof and became stuck between two buildings there. ja anything janine de la vega is there. what is going on. >> reporter: yes , the victim is the suspect and there now treated for his injuries. behind me, i am standing here and this man is on top of the roof and was trying to jump from the building to the other building next door and he jumped and he fell 20 feet and wedged between an 18 inch gap and became trapped. police and fire crews were called here this morning and found 32-year-old man being trapped. we got video that shows that. he actually called police from his cell phone and told them that two men were chasing him with a knife so he was trying to get away and hide and that is how he ended up getting stuck. >> he wedged himself in the building. he tried calling a family member. they responded out here and they could not get him out. he had -- i guess ripped a lot of his clothes off going down the side of the building because it is a good drop. at which point he had to call 911. >> fire cre
. >>> an 8-year-old san jose boy, hit and killed by a truck on this street. we'll tell you what he was riding at the time of the accident. >> you don't have anything to say about all that's going on around the world? >> and the southern california man behind the movie that sparked antiamerican protests all over the world is led away by authorities overnight. >> also, the major delays at sphrn international airport today, and why it has nothing to do with the weather. . >>> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. it is saturday, september 15th. i'm claudine wong. >> good morning, everyone. i'm mike mibach. meteorologist mike, good morning, great to see you. >> great to be here this early saturday morning. we do have once again low clouds and fog covering the coast and right around the bay. for this morning, it will be a factor out there, 50 to 60 degrees, into the afternoon hours, temperatures ranging from the lower 60s to around 90 degrees for the warmest locations inland. coming up in about 8 minutes, we'll take a look at the numbers in your neighborhood and also highlight the cha
times signaling the last alarm. similar services held at all stations in the city. and in san jose, the fire chief spoke from the 911 dispatch center. communities remembering the lives lost at the world trade center, the pentagon and in pennsylvania. >> marla, in shanksville, pennsylvania, people gathered to honor the passengers of flight 93. they crashed as they revolted against the hijackers. the names of the passengers and crew were read out loud. ringing bells of remembrance of the victims and many, the families in the bay area. flight 93 hits close to home. we have christie smith live in union city where family members gathered for a memorial service that took place this morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. very emotional ceremony out here that just wrapped up. it was actually larger than anyone expected. relatives brought flowers and one woman said every september 11th, her emotions come rushing back and it feels like that day all over again. that woman rang a bell as those of those who died on flight 93 were read out loud. the union city memorial is dedicated to the pass
de familia de la primaria washington en san jose ... llevaron a cabo una marcha ... pidiendo calles libres de prostitucion.. -- gabriela dellan en vivo nos tiene mas detalles... gabiela -- efectivamente. . cientos de personas ... se dirijieron a la biblioteca latino americana en san jos -- ellos alegan haber visto muchas prostutitas cerca de las escuelas de sus hijos.. y quieren que la policia tome cartas en el asunto.. policia tome cartas en el asunto.. cesar ---una decisin de un tribunal en san francisco podra representar la residencia permanente para decenas de miles de personas... ---se trata de ciertos jvenes a quienes se les neg la residencia por haber cumplido los 21 aÑos... ---jaime peluffo nos tiene los detalles.. jaime take jaime live 0:01 0:11 0:27 1:58 en un voto de 6 a 5, la novena corte de apelaciones fall que el servicio de inmigracin err al determinar que jvenes incluidos en peticiones junto con sus padres, ya no eran elegibles para continuar su proceso de residencia al cumplir los 21 aÑos.. s.o.t. patricia castorena/abogada de inmigración 2:49:13 esta decisión d
. this weekend for their party's national convention. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is live in san jose where she caught up with a delegate before he left and wondering what he had to say. >> reporter: we'll get to that in just a second. i do want to say just a couple of days ahead of this convention, you can sigh that the democratic headquarters here in the south bay is buzzing with excitement. volunteers say that the convention in north carolina is really the perfect way to energize the party right now ahead of the november election. now, cheyenne will be going as a delegate and he says he's most looking forward to seeing former president bill clinton and, of course, president barack obama. mr. obama is scheduled to address the nation on thursday. >> i'm very excited. i'm very humbled, because president obama actually got me involved four years ago. so, being able to be a delegate for him this time around is a huge honor. >> reporter: mohammedi says he's hoping to hear speakers address the issue of same-sex marriage and hoping that mr. obama will plan his plan for job growth, stimulating the ec
and saturday. temperatures are below normal and temperatures are below 70 degrees. areas like san jose should be 82 and 83 and we are well below average on these. these are a fresh west wind. napa is 45 and it looks like a lot of low 50s and temperatures seem to be running a little bit warm, temperatures are trying to circle the wagons and again we might see it lift a little bit to the north and see it settle right over in southern california. maybe next week one of our forecast models will be there not much -- but youp you have to be warmer. it does look wanter, 4:39 is the time after a violent week of protests. the actions that may add more fuel to the fire coming up. >>> and a muslim bakery may be making a come back, they may be trying to resurrect the former troubled organization. >>> we will have more on weather and traffic straight ahead. you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no touch trap snaps to kill instantly. no looking, no touching. d-con. get out. . >>> good morning, it is pretty cool out there, napa airport 67 and a couple of lower 80s. >>> riot police are p
tomorrow san jose, triple digits livermore, possibility of a new record of 104 in livermore monday will pinpoint the hottest day this week coming up. >>> rough-and-tumble politics in richmond scuffle between city council member and an activist and it with more arrest candidates' debate thursday night more is a member of the richmond progressive alliance 0 local political group that is at odds over an other man client the other man punched him reporter don knapp will have more at 6:30 >>> she spent 15 years under house arrest because she was an outspoken and fight for democracy in burma the pro- democracy activist was in san francisco part of a u.s. visit that includes standing ovations in washington and that the united nations anne mackovic explains robert parents is important. >>> those of my generation know i've come to san francisco with flowers in my hair >>> and not simply as " the lady " she spoke in front of a packed house at usf >>> we must always have our eyes focused towards the future even as we deal with present and its difficulties and problems >>> in the first visit t
. >>> doctors are pleased with the progress of san jose firefighter is making after suffering a heart attack on the job, frank ryan suffered it while fighting a fire at st. patrick's church, since then he has been at the hospital where they are staying with him around the clock. he is moving but has not spoken yet. they were dealing with hot blackout conditions when it occurred. >>> turning now to election news, the democratic national convention begins today aid in north carolina. ♪ [ music ] >> if you don't recognize that voice that is james taylor performed there welcoming them to charlotte. tonight michelle obama is featured speaker. the 37-year-old mayor of san antonio texas gives the keynote address and will try to convince latinos that president obama deserves their vote. >> through any score, immigration, education, health scare, an any number of issues he has been a very effective advocate for the latino community. >> president clinton will address the delegates wednesday night and president obama closes out the convention thursday night with his acceptance speech. >>> the califor
service, ace no service out of central valley toward san jose dumbarton bridge closure until 5 a.m. tuesday. so far traffic is good, alternates san mateo to the north and highway 237 to the south. san francisco if you are traveling down town fremont street is closed due to construction that also until tuesday morning at 5 a.m.. alternate to dumbarton, san mateo bridge flowing smoothly both directions. >>> vandals strike again in oakland. next, the memorial that has been ruined for a third time and what it could cost to repair. >>> offering prayer and support, neighbors and firefighters gather to show support for a friend who put his life on the line battling a fire in san jose.ñcús1@ú? >>> the memorial honoring victims of the 19 the 1 firestorm has been damaged again. -- the 1991 firestorm has been damaged again. over the weekend someone cut off parts of a metal sculpture and hauled them away possibly to sell. >> dancing on the grave of those that died in the firestorm an insult to the community and to have this happen three times, it happened two years ago, it is frustrating.
that and her is tonight's bay area proud. over on the san jose campus, up on the fourth floor of the health services building is where you'll find clues to a love aware going back 70 years. one that's not over yet. the one between the late dorothy carson and the love of her life, red. >> even today, i'm as much in love with her now as i was the day she died. this one is her. >> the two met when the world was at war. >> many years ago -- >> in 1942, red, a teenage soldier from massachusetts, was sent to be ward master. >> you in the how shinely the floors are? >> at a station hospital in iceland. >> that one of my duties. >> the head nurse was a certain brunette from buffalo. >> i saw her sitting at the desk. immediately it was love at first sight. >> she clearly felt the same and their bond grew as their unit moved across europe. dorothy even landing on the beaches of normandy following the d-day invasion. >> she was april tending ttendi. >> the fact that he was an officer and she was not meant they had to keep their relationship a secret. >> we could go to most vees avit in the back row an
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